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"Dr. Pendleton has the best bedside manner of any Dr I have visited over the years. We have referred several families to Dr Pendleton and all are very happy with his work. He takes a comprehensive approach towards his patients (checking for oral-cancer, lumps in the neck, etc) and makes the "dentist-going" experience one that isn't to be feared. I would strongly recommend Dr P to anyone looking for a good single/family Dentist."

- Matt Hilding


"Excellent service as always. My whole family has been seeing Dr. Pendleton for over 15 years."

- Steven Gallo


"I Recommend Dr. Pendleton to ALL.

"Dr. Pendleton is the BEST. He takes the time to answer all my questions and makes me feel at ease. He is very up-to-date on all issues I am concerned about and this means a lot to me. Before going to Dr. Pendleton, I had always been afraid of dentists. Since I have been going to Dr. Pendleton, I have not felt uneasy or tense in any way. Dr. Pendleton and his staff are always very friendly and kind."

- Delores Sewers


"Amazing staff who genuinely care to do their best to help the patients. Dr. Pendleton is extremely professional, honest, and kind, putting the patient’s needs first. I couldn’t have asked for a better dentist experience."

- Tae Wook Ahn

"Just visited for my semiannual checkup, and was super impressed with the team's response to COVID-19.  They take your temp touch-free when you enter, and you're required to enter wearing a mask. Then you're taken to a sink to wash your hands and use an antibacterial mouthwash.
When you're seated, you can remove your mask. All staff are wearing masks and sanitizing in between patient visits.
I love how thorough and thoughtful they are. Thank you!"

- Raleigh D

"So I've been coming here since I was 5 (I'm 28) and I swear I've never had better dental care in my life. I love everyone that works here. They're not only super professional but also extremely easy to get along with. And fun to talk to (even with dental tools in your mouth). Obvi great with kids. Keep up the great work!"

- Alexis Fec

"Our first visit to Dr. Pendleton was an emergency appointment for our son. The experience was great; he resolved
the immediate issue in a caring way, then explained the best alternatives for continued care. Everyone in the office is friendly and personable. Dr. p is very thorough and thoughtful, provides detailed treatment plans, and we are happy we found him!"

-Will C

"The team at Dr. Pendleton's ofice is very professional, friendly and caring. Their work is exceptional and they
are taking all of the necessary health safety measures during Covid-19. I highly recommend Dr. Pendleton and his staff."

- Eileen Breslin


"I cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr. Pendleton and his awesome staff. Never before have I felt more comfortable
and at ease at a dentist. They are incredibly thorough with their treatment plans and excellent communication. The best of the best in the western suburbs!"

- Ann Baker



"When moving to Western Springs, I followed my family's advice, as they suggested Dr. Pendleton to handle my dental care. Dr. Pendleton and his entire staff provide exceptional care, and respond to all my needs and questions of dental health. A relaxing experience with touches of humor make the event enjoyable."

- Janice Nowak


"Dr. Pendleton the consummate professional. As is always the case, my visit to Dr. Pendleton's office is a pleasant experience. Thorough, professional and quite entertaining. Kudos to Audrey and Cheryl as well. Highly recommend this Western Springs dentist."

- John Lee


"Always an interesting time at Dr Pendleton's office. Everyone there is nice and the staff cares about making the experience as pleasant as possible. Dr Pendleton always asks if you have any questions about anything and the office is state-of-the-art. And, if you have an emergency, you will be well cared for."

- Deborah Yetter


"Dr. Pendleton is state of the art in every way. I feel very lucky that there was time for me on his busy schedule."

- Valerie Kristopher


"I have only a second opinion experience with this dental practice and an initial appointment for a complete examination, but I am already convinced that this is an extraordinarily patient-centered practice led by a well-educated professional who is committed to the best dentistry can offer. Already I fully realize that I have been poorly served by the practice where I was a patient for many years. I am so grateful to have been led to seek a second opinion from Dr. Pendleton."

- Eleanor Roberts


"Beyond professional- excellence!

From the calming and welcoming expertise of the receptionist... It doesn't stop there, that's what is given throughout your office!! Great experience and care!!! Everyone scores 10+++! Very warm, personable and professional! Genuine! Thank you!"

- Jamie E


"I recently visited Dr. P. office for a cleaning and checkup. Audrey at the front desk was their to greet me with her warm smile and friendly personality. The dental hygienist, Karen was there to escort me to my cleaning appointment on time. I felt at ease during the cleaning procedure. At the end of cleaning Dr. Pendleton was promptly there to complete the dental appointment. Dr. Pendleton always makes his patients feel comfortable and he is always available for any questions. I would highly recommend Dr. Pendleton to my friends and family."

- Diane Lee


"Received a strong recommendation from my former dentist regarding Dr. Pendleton - and he did not disappoint. He was friendly, timely and allowed for as much time as I needed so as to answer all of my questions. I would definitely recommend him to friends, and family."

- Anonymous


"Dr. Pendleton is a thorough, thoughtful dentist. He does a great job with me and my children. I am a relatively new patient after having the same city dentist for 20+ years. My experience with Dr. P thus far is that he goes above and beyond providing care, service and recommendations for long term dental health."

- Anonymous


"A very good dentist, very understanding of his patients concerns. He is always concerned about the present needs, and future needs of the patient. He is prompt, works in a very friendly manner, and always does his best at making my teeth better. I would recommend him to anyone."

- Thomas Krane


"Dr. Pendleton , Cheryl, and Alicia make going to the dentist something to look forward to. I have been in many dental chairs over the years, none as pleasant this. From the moment you are seated you will notice their attention to detail. Whatever fear of the dentist you have, you owe it to yourself to try this office."

- Anon


"After reading the August Blog I felt I needed to do this. I, as a child, had bad experiences with dentists and even in some of my adult years. However, after my wife made her first visit with Dr. Pendleton she told me the things he could do. I made the appointment with a ton of hesitation in me, not knowing what was on the other side of this. To make a long story short, I was very impressed with what he can do and has done for not only me, but my wife and kids as well. From the staff’s knowledge and professionalism, my fear of a dentist has gone away. The biggest thing I have received from them are trust & honesty which I feel are to of the biggest contributing factors in any type of healthcare today. With their up to date education, experience and modern medicine procedures, no one should have any second thoughts of visiting them. I do admit that I do look forward to going there for my checkups. If you are a first timer there and reading this, the integrity of this staff is outstanding. They do not perform any not needed work. If that does not make sense, I can put it in better terms. They do not fill cavities that are not there, only when the cavity is present."

- Jim Jankowski


"I was able to schedule an emergency appointment for a chipped front tooth. In a short office visit the tooth was repaired expertly. Beyond expectation.

Fast... Professional... Reasonable."

- Margo Rife


"Best dentist I have ever been to, without question! Talks about his approach to your case, individually focused on your needs, looks at several options, values your input and very relaxed, yet thorough. I've been putting off looking for a new dentist for an embarrassingly long time. Had I known that dentists like him existed out there, I would have made an appointment long ago!"

- Christopher Koranski


"I enjoy going to the dentist because of Dr. Pendleton!"

- Kathryn Wicklander


"After losing part of a front tooth over a decade ago, about 5 dentists over two continents, including 2 other dentists in the Chicago area, I kept losing the various replacement crowns after 1-2 years. This also compromised the integrity of the remaining bone. Dr. Pendleton was both the most honest, caring, technically competent and the smartest dentist I could find. After a very deliberate course of imaging and planning of the operative course, he managed the uneasy feat of removing the permanently cemented post placed by the previous dentist without fracturing the root, and his replacement crown and post have not only withstood the test of time better than any other in the past, but also are a better aesthetic match thanks to his choice of a lab he works with directly and to his exacting standards.

I would thus recommend Dr. Pendleton without hesitation to anyone suffering from a complex dental problem; at the same time, his attention to detail combined with his fantastic staff, from the warmest front desk staff and assistant you'll find, to the best hygienist I've ever met make him a top-notch choice for basic and preventative care."

- Francois Blumenfield


"It is always a pleasure to visit Dr. Pendleton's office. His new office is very welcoming and comfortable. He & his staff are always punctual, efficient & professional."

- Patricia Lavalle


"Dr. Pendleton is fantastic! He's always so good with his patients, whether they're adults or kids.

On this, visit I had to bring my son in at the last minute, due to some trauma he suffered to his front teeth. Dr. Pendleton made time in his busy schedule (and his much deserved lunch) to see my son to make sure all was okay.

He is a wonderful, caring and professional healthcare provider!"

- Leah Hilding


"Beautiful new offices... Same friendly service.

Great staff... Very capable dental service.

Heartily endorse Dr. Pendleton."

- John Levand


"Always a pleasure to visit my favorite dentist every 6 months. There is no one else I would get up early on a Saturday morning and drive 45 minutes to see. I would recommend Dr. Pendleton to anyone! Keep on rockin' Doc!"

- Tim Henion


"I hadn't gone to the dentist in a while due to lack of insurance and money. When I did, another dentist said that I had four cavities. I knew I hadn't been to the dentist in a while but I thought this was extreme. Besides almond milk in my cereal in the morning I only drink water. My friends went to the dentist after not going regularly and they didn't have any cavities. They also drink monster and red bull. I decided to get a second opinion. One of my wife's co-workers recommended Dr. Pendleton. Every employee at his office are extremely nice and helpful. It is not a fake nice; they genuinely want to know you on a personal level. When it came to the examination he said I had one cavity and was able to illustrate it with digital x-rays. You know what they say, "Seeing is believing". I have been a loyal customer ever since. It is not only Dr. Pendleton that is exceptional, it's his whole staff. Audrey the receptionist is not only helpful and flexible with finding an appointment time that fits my schedule, she also worked with me when I paid my bill late. Then there is Alicia the hygienist who has the most delicate touch I have ever experienced during a cleaning. I have never met such a remarkable staff at a practice until I went to Dr. Pendleton's office."

- Robert Legan


"Two of my children had visited Dr. Pendleton and both said they really liked him because he doesn't "hurt." The office is very convenient, clean and he is probably the only dentist we have gone to that doesn't make you sit for an hour before he sees you. Our appointment was at 2:30pm and that is when he saw us. I highly recommend him!"

- Anon


"I have always been afraid of going to the dentist until I started seeing Dr. Pendelton; he and his staff are always gentle and explain everything they're going to do. And any work I've had done had been virtually pain-free. I highly recommend him."

- Terese C


"Dr. Pendleton is a pro. He has a great way about him. His staff is always customer friendly. A pleasant dental experience every time. Thank you."

- Jason Labuda


"I at one point in time was afraid to go to the dentist (which created numerous issues that would need to be fixed). Dr Pendleton and his staff have been wonderful every step of the way. I have been a patient since he opened this office. Never have I had to wait, the staff has always been courteous and very friendly, and Dr Pendleton puts my mind at ease with each procedure. Staff and all are just as good with my children."

- Kym Iffert


"I used to HATE going to the dentist. I had real dental phobia. It smelled bad, looked bad, tasted bad, you name it. But from the first time I walked into Dr. Pendleton's office I knew I had found my dental home :) Starting from the front desk, who will solve any necessary problem, to Christine, to Dr. Pendleton himself, the attitude is kind, personal and warm. Dr. Pendleton has his music playing and shows his human side - which makes one feel comfortable immediately. PLUS he's a PRO dentist! Clearly, I can't say enough about this practice. I'll never go anywhere else."

- Juliann Calvey


"Went in for a first appointment meet and greet, exam, and cleaning. Everyone was very professional and thorough. Can't wait to go back."

- Rachel Watson


"As always, my experience at Dr. Pendleton's was excellent. I very much appreciate how he explains every procedure in advance whether it is simple or complex. Everyone in the office goes out of his or her way to make you comfortable in their comfortable, stateof- the-art facility. I sure am glad I found your practice!"

- Bernie Kapuza


"As in the past, Dr. Pendleton & staff were able to see me on an emergency basis. Dr. Pendleton is always there to take care of his patients -no matter what. We appreciate his care and expertise. Always a wonderful experience. He is simply the best!"

- Virginia Rachford


"Our visits with our dentist Dr. Pendleton are always great. Whatever demtal procedure needs to be done, Dr. Pendleton's professionalism and care are outstanding. We are so happy to have him as our family dentist. A very caring & professional staff also."

- Robert Rachford


"Got some extensive dental work done by Dr. Pendleton on my two front teeth. Staff and Dr. Pendleton all friendly and run a very good operation. Overly satisfied with the work they did and would suggest this practice to anyone."

- Evan Kassel


"I had a lovely morning at Dr. Pendleton's office. Carol, the receptionist, was friendly and gracious. I was seen on time and the hygienist was very friendly and professional as she explained was she was going to do. She was also very patient with me as I jabbered on about insignificant matters. My cleaning and x-rays went smoothly and I was at ease when Dr Pendleton came in for my exam. He was, like his staff, friendly, efficient and thorough. As I left I made my appointment with Carol, we chatted a bit waiting for the computer. It was rather slow. So Carol promised to send me the necessaries via e-mail. By the time I got home all I needed was there. Really a lovely morning."

- Marianne Polli


"I had flown out here from Kansas City to stay with our four grand-daughters while our daughter and husband went out-of-town for a few days. I didn't know I had fractured a tooth in the days before I got here. The pain worsened when I arrived and my daughter referred me to your office. She said Dr. Pendleton was very nice and very gentle, and she was right! I appreciate the fact that I was able to get an appointment right away, and because of your care and referral, they were able to go on their trip - and I was able to be able to enjoy my grand-children without tooth pain! Thank you again for all your help! I truly appreciate it!"

- Connie McKay


"Prompt, professional, excellent work, personable service makes a dental visit like a reward for my daily attention to dental health. I am always amazed by the staff as well. How lucky we are to have this office in Western Springs."

- Jacquelyne Gleason