You deserve a bright, white smile, regardless of your age. KöR® Whitening Deep Bleaching System can restore the beauty of your smile in just two weeks, with results that can last a lifetime.

Over many years, stains from foods can work their way deep into the enamel of your teeth. KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching System provides a thorough removal of these stains from your enamel, rejuvenating your teeth with amazing whiteness. This happens by restoring your teeth's ability to absorb oxygen. Oxygen from the KöR whitening gel is absorbed deeply into the tooth, dissolving stains at the molecular level. Discover the benefits of KöR Whitening!

  • KöR Whitening is the only recognized system in the world that will whiten tetracycline (dark) stained teeth, previously thought to be impossible.
  • With easy periodic at-home maintenance, your teeth will stay white permanently even while you continue to drink red wine, tea, and coffee.
  • During the whitening process, nearly all patients experience low to no tooth sensitivity.
  • Teeth whitening has been clinically proven to be entirely safe for teeth and gums, so there is no need to worry about harming your smile.

Below are pictures of actual whitening cases at Dr. Pendleton's office. The shade tab shows the shade of the patient's teeth before whitening began, next to the patient's newly brightened smile!

The KöR Whitening Process




During your visit to our office, we will make a mold of your teeth and create a set of thin, form-fitting, ultra-comfortable KöR Whitening Trays. You only need to wear your trays, filled with KöR patented bleaching gel, while you sleep, so they won't interfere with your lifestyle. With a final in-office whitening session, your treatment will be complete and your smile will be the ideal shade of white that's just right for you.

Icon Resin Infiltration / White Spot Removal

White spots on front teeth can be a major esthetic concern for many patients. Icon is a minimally invasive restorative treatment, which minimizes/eliminates white spots on teeth, including those seen after finishing orthodontics (braces) as well as congenital/defective white spots on teeth. 

White spots occur on teeth due to uneven mineralization. This means that certain parts of the enamel (the outer layer of the tooth) has a higher concentration of minerals than others, which leads to an unsightly cosmetic appearance. The Icon system corrects the discoloration by infiltrating the enamel and filling in lesions with a tooth colored resin.

This is completed in one visit, and other benefits include no drilling and no numbing ("shots"). This is a fantastic way to treat and fade the appearance of white spots that is much less invasive and less expensive than fillings or other restorations. This procedure is suitable for children, as well as adults! Dr. Pendleton is proud to offer this painless and innovative treatment to his patients.